Mallorca is an island in Spain where I have gone on holiday a lot, as my family owns a house there. There are other families nearby and we are good friends with the family opposite us. There is a pool where we can relax when it gets too hot to do anything else. Spain is... Continue Reading →



Broads Tours: This is a boat hiring place where you can also go on guided tours on their big boats. Usually, my family and I hire a boat on ride round the broads, however is you take the boat out for longer then you can go to the restaurant at the end of the broads... Continue Reading →


While in Norfolk, I usually go camping at Clippesby Hall which has amazing grounds for every type of family, whether you like or own dogs, have a caravan, don't like dogs, want to be around other campers or just with family there is a place for you. They have a range of places to do... Continue Reading →


The Smoke Stop: This is a restaurant that has delicious food but also large portions so make sure you don't have a big lunch! They mostly serve chicken wings, ribs, burgers and they have a wide selection of milkshakes. They also have eating challenges like: Monster Nachos Challenge, Big Dog challenge, Belly Buster Burger Challenge... Continue Reading →


Shropshire is an amazing place to escape for a week or two and explore the local days out and great rural walks. While on this trip I stay at the Upper House Farm Cottages as it is the perfect setting for a family. There is also Jimmy's Play Barn where you can find games, DVD's,... Continue Reading →

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